Friday, April 2, 2010

Bad dogs!

Normally, I love and adore my two dogs. Winter's over and now we get to go on walks everyday which they love and I love because it's peaceful (as long as there are no other dogs in sight). For some reason, they've decided it's okay to start peeing on things in the house. I came home to a chair peed on. I went up stairs to go to bed and they had peed on the edge of the comforter that had reached the floor.

Normally they don't do this. They're both fixed so I don't think it's spring urges. Normally they only go on the washable rugs in the breezeway. Maybe I should buy the potty patch I see on TV.

I think they resent me for working so much lately, 64 hours a week and a sleep over between the two jobs. It's a little crazy. Maybe I need to hire a dog walker to give them extra walks. I used to lock them in the breezeway while I was gone but since the boyfriend sleeps during the day they bark and wake him up. I guess anything's worth a shot. I'm going to try leaving the back door open to their dog run and hope not too many bugs crawl in.

Once again, wish me luck!

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